Kitchen Knife Types

There are the 4 main types of the Knives that are used
by the homies as well as experts to show their art of cutting and presenting food. 
All the other types are the sub categories and
sub types of these 4 main types of the kitchen knives.
Read our full guide to understand more in depth

Chef Knives

A universal and mostly used
knife for chopping , mincing ,
slicing fruits and vegetables.

Meat Knives

Meat knives comes to handy
when you need neat, evenly sized
and thin slices of the meat.

Vegetable Knives

All in one regular use knife
for fruits and vegetable
to chop, slice, dice etc

Fish Knives

fish knives

Knife with wide and flat
spatula blade for helping you
preparing your fish.

Types of Kitchen knives - A Complete Guide and their usage (with images )

Knives are perhaps the most crucial weapon in a chef’s arsenal, and you may use them for everything from cutting onions to slaughtering a piece of steak to opening oysters and slicing bread. 

On the other hand, kitchen knives come in various shapes and sizes, each suited for a specific function.

When you have the correct equipment, cooking is quicker, faster, and friendlier, but selecting one that meets your needs may be complicated with so many different types of knives on the market.

 It’s all too convenient to obtain a bunch of specialty knives you’ll never use if you don’t have the appropriate information, which means you’ll wind up with a bunch of useless knives in the back of your utensil drawer. So here we are to help you choose the best one for your usage .

Let’s go through the different sorts of knives and how they’re used so that you find the best that suits you….

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