Parts of knife

A great chef must be able to identify the parts of a knife, and their purpose, just like a handyman must know their tool as their part of the body. Are you beginning as a chef and worried about not knowing your knife? No need to panic anymore; this guide will help you know your knife as your wife. 

  • Point 

The first part of a knife is known as the point located at the very end. The point is used for piercing through different materials as it comes with a sharp edge.

  • Tip 

The second part that appears after the point of the knife is called the tip usually used to slice and chop things with a delicacy like lemons or tomatoes. 

  • Edge 

After the tip comes to the edge of a knife. The roundness of the edge defines the sharpness of a knife and how effectively it will work in the kitchen. It comes in different styles, such as serrated or straight. 

  • Spine 

The spine is the fourth part of the knife and is located after the edge. This part of the knife is responsible for major cutting in the kitchen, such as meat. The strongest knives come with a thick knife to support hard cutting. 

  • Blade 

The next part after the spine is a blade that is considered as the last cutting part of a knife. The blade is usually manufactured with steel, but you can also find it in different materials such as ceramic or plastic according to your purpose. 

  • Bolster 

Bolster seems like a not so important part of the knife, but it can really prevent accidents as it creates a little space between the cutting part and holding part of the knife to keep your hand and fingers at a safe distance. 

  • Handle 

The handle is the main part of the knife grasped by a chef for work. A good handle with ergonomic design can really help a person enhance their experience while in the kitchen. 

  • Rivet 

Rivets are basically the pins and crucial part of a knife, also known as handle fasteners. They are used to join the blade of the knife with the tang to make a perfect handle for grasping while cutting. 

  • Tang 

Tang is the second last part of the knife and comes after the handle connected through rivets. It is a vital part of the knife to determine the stability, balance, and weight of the knife for better performance. 

  • Butt 

The very last part of the knife is known as the butt of the knife. It usually does not have a particular purpose, but a good finishing butt can improve the experience while handling. 

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