Best Sabatier knives in 2022

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When shopping for Best Sabatier knives in 2022, you can find thousands of products on the Internet. For your ease, we present the top 6 blades.


Best Sabatier knives in 2022

Finding authentic Best Sabatier knives in 2022 can be a little tricky. To help you make the best decision, we complete some of the Sabatier blade reviews and make a buying guide so you can avoid falling due to an apparent bargain more than just a starter for beginner keepers.


With the best Sabatier knife on your side, you will have one of the most reliable chef tools and the best performers in the world. The knife-related positively with the name of the Sabatier was built carefully for use by a professional chef in a professional kitchen.


Knives Features Price

Sabatier Forged Triple-Riveted Stainless Steel Knife

  • EdgeKeeper sheath guarantees a sharp blade for each use.
  • The blades are made from high-carbon steel that lends strength
  • The EdgeKeeper sheath guarantees a sharp blade for each use
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EUNA Kitchen Knife

  • Rust resistance
  • Great for mincing, slicing, and dicing fruit, meat, fish, and vegetables in the kitchen
  • Durable
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DUMAS French Serrated Edge Knife

  • Stainless steel
  • Quality cutting features
  • Rust resistant
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French Sabatier Forged Stainless Knife

  • Authentic fake knife Sabatier
  • Made in Thiers France
  • High carbon stainless knife
  • Balance and Big Shades
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Sabatier Self-Sharpening Edgekeeper Pro Knife

  • Self-sharpening knife block.
  • Razor-sharp blade edges
  • Superior quality
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Sabatier Hollow Handle Stainless Steel Knife

  • Corrosion-resistant
  • high-carbon stainless steel
  • Superior quality
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Top 6 Sabatier knives in 2022


  • Easy to clean
  • Equipped with acacia block knife holder
  • Have a triple-rivet handle design
  • Have lots of knives for flexibility



  • Arrived with cheap packaging
  • The thin knife can break



15-piece Sabatier knife set includes 4.5-inch steak knife, 3.5-inch peeler knife, 4.5-inch utility knife, 5-inch sianku knife, 5.5-inch serrated knife, 8 slicer knife Inch, and 8-inch chef knife.


After buying, the acacia block knife holder comes with him to add elegance to your kitchen. It must be beautiful when shown on the table! Each knife is made of superior quality stainless steel carbon, ensuring that the edge lasts long and is corrosion resistant.


This Sabatier knife set helps in the use of the kitchen every day. Although groups are made in China, they still maintain more original materials made in France.


The blade is carbon steel material, but it is relatively thin, and it might be fast if used to cut bones. Carbon steel blades are not like their product descriptions, but no indication of steel gauges used in manufacturing.


Handle, while beautiful, is hollow that can be a little awkward for you to hold and maintain the right balance.


This will be an excellent set to buy for someone who just started and need a real knife set at a low price. This is not a quality set of chefs.


  • Professional quality knife.
  • Price as expected
  • Good balance and edge



  • A brand logo is not suitable
  • Mother of pearls acrylic



Of course, this 5-piece Japanese knife from Euna contains 5 different blades. This knife includes different sizes of knives ranging from 8 inches to 3.5 inches.


The construction of these knives is impressive, using high carbon-resistant steel for the bar to ensure violence, expanded sharpness, and corrosion resistance.


Rust resistance from the blade is enhanced by EUNA coating applied to steel, which also helps facilitate cleaning.


However, some customers have noticed that the layers start peeling after recurring use, which negates the ease of cleaning.


Each blade is sharpened to between 13 and 15 ° on both sides, ensuring accuracy and toughness.


Polypropylene knife handles display gray patterns, wood-textured that make this knife set visually attractive and surprisingly at the same time.


  • They are fully forged from one part of French stainless steel.
  • The edge maintains his sharpness.
  • The blade is reinforced with nitrogen to increase the spearhead and the stability of the knife.
  • Corrosion-resistant.



  • The knife is not suitable for people with more extensive hands.



Thanks to its sharp edges, this 4.75-inch blade is an excellent choice for cutting tomatoes and other vegetables. The blade will remain ideally with repetitive use, fully forged from one French stainless steel rod. The nitrogen is reinforced to increase violence.


The cutting ability increased by 20%, the stability increased by 30%, and the edge retention was 25%. The triple-riveted handle offers a comfortable grip, and round rolls protect your hands when cutting.


Each knife is polished and corrosion-resistant. However, this is smaller than other knives, so it might be uncomfortable if you have a giant hand.

Possible! Probably not. It was advertised as having a mother-of-pearl handle with a pearlescent acrylic handle.


The Sabatier brand arrangement on the blade said it was made in them; however, if you check the Lion Sabatier brand logo against cats that jump on this blade, they are not suitable.


If not, it is a balanced knife made of carbon steel with captured x50crmov15 on the blade.


This might be a professional class knife, and you pay for the quality, but you might not buy the actual Sabatier knife.


  • Equipped with 15 different types of knives
  • Fitted with a wooden knife block
  • Knife made with high-quality stainless carbon steel and rust-resistant
  • Very affordable



  • The wooden knife block can be easily peeled off
  • Not safe dishwasher knife



This 15-piece knife set is one of the two sets of Sabatier knives that I have included in this list. These are equipped with six steak knives, peelers, fine edge utility knives, serrated utility knives, santoku knives, slicer, and chef knives.


Each knife included in this set is made with high-quality carbon steel, which is not only rust-resistant but is rusted too. The knife in this set will last for years as long as you keep them properly.


Apart from getting 15 pieces of tableware, you will also get a wooden knife block that looks interesting that you can use to save your knife effectively.


  • Come with Afternoon
  • Seathe has a default sharpener
  • Equipped with an ergonomic handle
  • Made with carbon steel
  • Ideal for all used



  • Isn’t a dishwasher safe
  • Vulnerable to Karat



This 8-inch chef knife is finally an ideal choice for each cooked house looking for a fine blade to cut, cut, and slice various materials, including meat, vegetables, and fruits.


The great thing about this knife is that it is made of high-carbon steel, durable, and keeps a sharp edge for an extended period. What’s more, it comes with a good Seathe that has a default sharpener to maintain a sharp edge of the bar.


Another exciting thing about this work is that it is a very ergonomic grip, so you can grip comfortably when you do your culinary assignment.


  • Fifteen pieces set.
  • Affordable 
  • Durable
  • Stainless steel



  • Need special care while using. 



Stamped sabatiers are pretty rare and a little suspicious. But it is not possible to find a stamped version that can be considered quite good quality. This particular set made of high-quality stainless steel is an example. This is made in China.


These include four basic santoku, additional utility knives (and jagged), a set of six for steaks, sharpening stems, and a pair of scissors. Compared to the Sabatier Premier, which has a traditional look, a little rustic, it has a natural nuance that is almost simple with a gray contoured handle and a hard black block.


These knives are also very light – a plus point for a home chef that doesn’t be forged fully and supported. Of all the ensembles listed here, this is the cheapest. This can be less than $ 50.


Buying guide:


What you need to consider when buying a kitchen knife:


Focus on important things

You only need two knives in your kitchen – A knife chef and a serrated bread knife. Knife chef cuts anything, except for dry bread, while the bread knife, well, you might be able to guess. 


A small utility or an excellent peeler knife for strawberries, such as kitchen scissors, works for everything from thread to cut rotisserie chicken into pieces. But unless you are committed to buying or building a complete set, you can save it on the basics.


Consider size

As a hard worker kitchen, the size of your chef’s knife needs to be considered. You will find most of 6 and 10 inches. A shorter knife is easier to handle and control, but a longer knife allows you to slice more extensive food, like watermelon or grilled. 


For many people, an 8-inch chef knife is about sweet spots, which is why it’s the most common size you will find.


Know the terminology

They are forged or labeled knives. Forged knives, which tend to be higher, are made when one liquid steel is cut and is beaten into the desired form. The blade is sturdy, with heavy bolsters, a piece of metal that blazes where the handle fills the bar, designed to protect the hand during cutting. Because forging blades are generally less flexible than stamped, they are less likely to bend over time.


Stamped knives, made by cookie-cutter-type machines, are usually the same thickness throughout, except at the spearhead, where they are smoother. They typically lack bolsters and heels. Historically stamped knives are cheaper and are considered inferior, but several upscale companies make premium forged knives, including global ones.


Consider composition

Steel is a metal used to form most knife blades, but not all steel is equal. Stainless steel holds rust and corrosion, while carbon steel can take better advantage. Look for a knife that offers “high carbon stainless steel” if you want to combine the best of both metals.


Hold the handle

Take a new knife for a trial in your kitchen to ensure it’s convenient, easy to control, and doesn’t cause cramps when you cut. The best way to feel the knife is to use it or hold the handle in-store. Some retailers, such as Williams-Sonoma and Sur La Table, have a return policy that allows you to exchange knives 30 to 60 days after purchase.


Types of Knives 

  • Fully falsified

The knife is fully forged ultimately – like one of our true Sabatier range – made of a single steel billet formed with a drop hammer to determine the shape of the blade, bolster and handle. 


After forging and heat treatment, the grip material is created to pliers; then, the edge is polished and sharpened. Offering extraordinary performance, strength, and balance, liked by professional chefs.

  • Full tang beaten

Centuries of centuries, full-class classic, a triple-rivet knife made with stamped steel knives that are individually treated hot and angry for excellent edge retention. ‘Scales’ left and right – made of wood, plastic, or micarta – are beaten on both sides of the blade. 


The whole knife is then polished again for a smooth final result—the lower cost of a fully forged knife, but with a balance and quality of similar performance.

  • All steel

When making a knife handle hollow, stainless steel pressure is welded into the bar, then the joint of the ground and polished back to the smooth result. Being truly smooth and free from food traps, this type of construction is hygienic and requires very little care. 


Void Hollow in the handle is often filled with sand or steel weights to perfect the characteristics of balance blades.



If you are looking for a professional quality knife, the best Sabatier blade among what is reviewed is the mother of Sabatier from the 8-inch pearl chef knife. However, if you want to make sure you buy a real deal, take the time to visit your professional restaurant supplier directly and hope to spend most of the cash.

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